Red Flags

Red Flag: A warning signal or sign

This list of Red Flags will be progressively expanded as new posts are released

Red Flag #1: Claiming to be something they’re not

Most if not all disciples will throw the terms ‘entrepeneur’ and ‘visionary’ around liberally. These are red flag terms, because at no point do they communicate how they are an entrepeneur (beyond starting a ‘business’), nor what makes them so ‘visionary’. These are simply buzz words employed to blind those who are vulnerable to being recruited.

Red Flag #2: Building false legitimacy

Building legitimacy through supposed innovative, visionary, and expensive ‘education platforms’ is a common theme. The ‘education platform’ is a ruse to fool you into thinking you are receiving value. In truth, it is a basic education offering that results in no qualifications, certificates or material job prospects, and only teaches you how to sell expensive junk on the internet. This is far from the ‘earth concious’ goals of group.

Red Flag #3: You are directed to watch a ‘live webinar’

Another tell tale sign of an MLM, and this applies to most MLMs out there, is you’ll be directed to watch a free, exclusive, live webinar. This is where the hook really starts to dig in. If it involves a webinar, it is most probably an MLM.

Red Flag #4: Obfuscation of the product

You won’t ever hear about the ‘product’ until you are well down the rabbit hole. When you buy an iPad, Apple don’t spend hours and hours talking to you about an online business opportunity that can make you rich. They tell you about the iPad and its features. Anyone selling you something without telling you what it is is probably inside an MLM.

Red Flag #5: Purchase to sell

If you encounter all the red flags above, and then are told that in order to make money you’ll need to purchase the product first, then it is probably an MLM. You’ll know this because you’ll then need to sell it to others who are also required to buy-in. Classic MLM scheme right there.

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